How to save on your monthly bills – Buy Smarter

Sometimes the idea of saving money can seem daunting. There is always something that comes up; whether it’s a birthday, car trouble, or other repair, something always happens. Those unexpected things are added on top of the regular bills due every month; utilities, debt payments, and living expenses. It can seem hard to get started. So to get the ball rolling start small and build from there. Start with a new way of thinking. Instead of trying to cut things out of your expenses and budgeting, look at the things you already buy. Start buying smarter.

Part of spending smarter is by choosing quality for your services, like the Best Mold Removal Company in Birmingham Alabama – Mold & Mildew Solutions LLC,, you are saving money by getting a service or product that will last longer than an inferior one.

Lot’s of things can be bought smarter, even gas and parking. Use an app like Gasbuddy to map and record gas prices in your area. Also look into Parker, when searching for free (or the cheapest) places to park. By planning your trips and filling your tank for the lowest price, you can trim your expenses every month. There are other online apps and services too; points and rewards programs like Active Junky and WikiBuy get you discounts and cash back on the purchases you are already making anyway.


Cash back on purchases you need to make every month is a great way to spend smarter and save money. That’s why you should have a credit card with a rewards program that works for you. There are different cards that focus on different things. Some have cash back for specific purchases like gas and airline miles that make sense if you purchase those things often. Or your could look for a card from a retailer that you buy from frequently, like Amazon or Target. There are also cards with no foreign transaction fees, if that’s something you need in a card. First figure out what you need and then look for a card that meets those needs. Also, this really only works if you remember to schedule your payments before each bill is do at the end of the cycle to avoid costly interest rates.

If budgeting and financial planning seem hard, start with these tips and just focus on buying the things you already buy, but buying them smarter, and you’ll be on your way to fiscal responsibility.